The Prisoner of Unforgiveness

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  1. Forgiveness Can Set a Prisoner Free and That Prisoner is You - Good News Network
  2. Forgiveness Can Set a Prisoner Free and That Prisoner is You
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What it means is this.

When you forgive someone based on this Universal or spiritual concept, you are not at all condoning or accepting the behavior or whatever wrong was done to you. You are not expected to believe what happened was okay.

In other words, you no longer have that negative burden to carry. It loses its importance, and your heart heals. With this understanding, you also release any other ill feelings that have resulted from carrying this burden for so long. It opens doors for you to step into a higher perspective that will allow you to grow, love life, and be who you really are. You are no longer inhibited by long-term negative emotions.

Forgiveness Can Set a Prisoner Free and That Prisoner is You - Good News Network

These are the simple truths of energetic forgiveness. With this information, you may decide to learn more about it, put it into practice if you resonate with it, and ultimately find that peace that has eluded you for so many years. It is more appropriately set out as a matter of choice, which is yours for the making. Great article- thank you to the author for writing it and to Geri for posting it: So uplifting with all the negative stuff on the news lately.

Please keep everyone from both positive and awful news stories in your thoughts and prayers.

Forgiveness Can Set a Prisoner Free and That Prisoner is You

Forgiveness is a choice that you make, usually for yourself. I discovered more accurately, it was revealed to me in prayer and observation, then in practice that people in general fall into three categories when it comes to the hurt that requires forgiveness — 1. In my case, I was dealing with the first two: I hated them both, and was praying for a way, or understanding that freed me from this hurt and waste of energy, … continued….

In all scenarios, the people you hate can not feel the pain that you do. It may be the only reaction to them that they understand. Whatever it is, taking it away is great for you, and it utterly breaks the downward spiral they have created for themselves. They never saw what they did as their responsibility in the first place. Oct 06, Djpope 0 books view quotes. Aug 12, Ditha 76 books view quotes.

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