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  1. How Do We Do It?
  2. 5 Tips For Surviving a Sudden Spike in Manufacturing Demand
  3. Survival Needs - human
  4. Flexibility In Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement

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My first novel was published several years ago, and I've been a full-time author ever since. Last year, I joined with a friend to establish Mystic Mustangs Publishing, a non-erotic publishing company.

How Do We Do It?

This is true intellectually, physically, and emotionally. You need the right space and time if you want to get your energy back. Protect your time like a lioness protects her cubs. If you only have an hour, then really maximize that hour.

How To Survive On a Deserted Island - EPIC HOW TO

Dedicate this bit of time you have to activities that truly relax you. They should make you feel comfortable and happy. Your diet has everything to do with your mood and energy.

5 Tips For Surviving a Sudden Spike in Manufacturing Demand

A good diet is absolutely necessary to survive a fast-paced, demanding schedule. One of the side effects of having too much to do is that you neglect your eating habits.

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Eating well means eating three complete meals a day, and two snacks. Apply the old adage of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. The most important thing you can do is eat whole, nutritious foods. Reduce your coffee consumption. Carry a bit of chocolate with you at all times, and when you feel listless or irritable, eat it. To cope with this type of situation, your only obligation is to do your best. Doing anything else is impossible. Maybe you are subjecting yourself to this demanding schedule because you are afraid of something.

As world populations grow, societies are challenged to provide clean water and sanitation services. Of significant concern is meeting basic human and ecological needs for water, vital for survival and good health.

A Human Right to Water

Many societies struggle to allocate sufficient resources to meet those needs for all of their people. Water is required for the maintenance of life; researchers have investigated the absolute minimum amount of water required for human survival.

Survival Needs - human

Regular intake of water is needed to maintain a person's water balance, as water lost through normal activities must War and international conflicts can worsen water-supply situations in countries already faced with water scarcity. Human survival can be threatened not only by weapons, disease, and starvation, but also by the lack of water. Here a relief worker distributes bottled water to refugees during the Persian Gulf War. The minimum water requirement for replacement purposes, for an "average" person, has been estimated to be approximately 3 liters 3. In addition to drinking requirements, water is traditionally used for sanitation purposes for the disposal of human waste.

Flexibility In Content Marketing and Social Media Engagement

Effective waste disposal has many health benefits as it serves to control the spread of disease. Humans also have basic hygiene needs for personal washing and bathing, and for food preparation. These hygiene-related uses of water also have many health benefits.

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  • Drinking, sanitation, and hygiene needs constitute the basic human survival needs for water.